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A single sculpture can transform the look and feel of a room. Island Designs offers an extensive selection of bronze and glass sculptures – freestanding, hanging and wall-mounted. A selection of interior sculptures are available under the rent-to-own art rental scheme and can be paid for in monthly instalments. For those of you looking for something personal and very specific, do not hesitate to let us know what you want. Sculptures can be designed according to your request.

Sculptures – BRONZE

Our range of freestanding bronze sculptures are available in all sizes and finished to a high-quality standard. These powerful and meaningful limited edition sculptures make for an excellent statement piece and talking point inside a stylish home or office. We also provide a bronze sculpture commissioning service for those who prefer a site-specific sculpture designed according to personal taste and style. For more information on the available bronze sculptures for sale, connect with us.


Invest in your luxury property by introducing an opulent glass sculpture to your interior design. Our range of laminated glass sculptures are available as freestanding, wall-mounted and hanging statement pieces, and can also be made to your specification. Choose a style, size and colour scheme that blends with your home or office. Prices vary, but for laminated glass statement sculptures, such as the ones displayed below, the general pricing structure ranges from €3,500 – €10,000.

Sculptures – FUSED GLASS

Our range of magnificent interior fused glass sculptures are uniquely designed by fusing various colours and pigments to create personalised patterns and designs, that, when positioned in the right light, can cast stunning shadows throughout a room. The sculptures available below are inspired by anything from ancient mythological figures to ultra-modern interior design schemes. Fused glass interior sculptures such as the ones displayed below, range in price from €1,500 – €3,500.

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